Faire de votre maison une maison intelligente, confort, sécurité, Mobilité, Gestion d'énergie !


SmartCube innovates with its CUBII platform

Conceived and developed by SmartCube, CUBII is a multiservice platform by subscription which allows fast interventions in case of anomalies detected in a building.

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Our skills,
turning every building into a smart one

We transmit this cleverness to your apartment buildings (new or in renovation), administrative and commercial buildings thanks to our know-how as Integrator Engineer and Smart Building Designer.

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We transmit this cleverness to buildings thanks to our skills as “Smart Building Designer” and integration engineer.


Discover the SmartCube configurator, a free tool at your disposal.

Simulate your SmartHome project online for your project’s estimation.

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An online solution in real-time !

You beneficiate of a centralised management service for your building, your primary residence or secondary residence thanks to our platform. Discover "CUBII", a real innovation within the fields of services for a smart building.

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